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At Mile27 we strive to take the fear out of home ownership by empowering everyone to build wealth through real estate

Our Coach Values




We believe the success of Mile27 depends on the individual success and growth of our team. Here you’ll get superior support with in field shadowing opportunities and receive hands-on coaching. On top of that, Mile27 only makes money when you make money.

Our client focus is on individuals and families who see real estate as a way to build wealth. We seek to build a team of service-focused agents who desire to help clients accomplish that goal.

Brokerage Model

Education Support

Free classroom and in-the-field opportunities

Qualified Clients Assigned

Get assigned clients who are qualified and serious

Personalized Coaching

Help developing success plan custom fit to your personality and strengths

Team Focus

Caring, cooperative culture

Work-Life Balance

Team support for coverage while you are sick or away

CRM with Custom Features

Custom tasks for each transaction allow you to work volume effectively

Could you be one of our coaches?


We invest a lot of time and care into developing our coaches, so if all of these items apply to you, then you should apply to work with us!

You share our core values:
We are looking for people who put clients’ needs above their own, lead with integrity, and want to offer a high level of service. Our coaches also have a deep desire to become experts in home care, contracts, finance, advanced strategies, and more so they are equipped to go above and beyond.

You are coachable:
To be a coach, you have to also be coachable first! If you want to learn and grow and value the leadership of your broker and other knowledgeable agents, then we might be a great fit!

You aren’t afraid of math or discussing finances:
It’s important for clients to understand their full financial commitment when purchasing a home. We can be important leaders in that conversation, but that takes some basic math skills, reasoning, and learning the language of finance to properly communicate and partner with lenders to help clients develop a realistic price point goal.

You want to learn a consistent, organized process for leading your clients to success:
Home ownership is a huge decision that needs a plan and process in place to help clients make a great decision. If you believe this as well and you want to learn how to help clients create that solid plan from our experience, give us a call!

You have some transactional experience already:
We have helped many newer agents expedite their training and experience. However, if you have completed at least a few transactions and have a solid base of knowledge, that will help us get you started working with our clients even faster.

You like the idea of growing with a brokerage:
Our clients have differing levels of complexity in their situation and/or goals, so we are looking for people who want to take on new challenges as they learn. We also expect there will be future opportunities if our coaches want to specialize or even move into a leadership or corporate role on the team.

You have a team mindset:
We seek to build a company culture where our coaches support one another. Our coaches are encouraged to teach one another, and to help one another while sick or on vacation to increase the balance in our lives.


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