Our Philosophy

"The Secret to Success is Getting Started"


We believe anyone can learn how to use real estate investment to help them meet their financial goals. Whether you just want to create some passive income so you can retire early and travel, build generational wealth, or even if you just want to make sure you make a wise investment in your “forever” home, we want to help you get started.

There are a lot of weekend seminars and books by “real estate gurus” that claim to teach you the tricks, but we believe that in order to really achieve financial freedom, it takes more than just a weekend of training or a little side reading—it takes your commitment to a personalized plan we build with you combined with lifelong coaching to ensure you find success. The first step is just getting started, one small step at a time, and you will be amazed at what goals we can help you accomplish.

Our Story


Heather and Jay started Mile27 after spending a decade buying and selling real estate together. Heather as the broker/agent and Jay as the investor. They felt there was a need in the real estate world to elevate both the client and the agent’s experience. They continuously saw clients being dropped after closing day and agents who were struggling to survive and thought they both deserved more.

For clients, they envisioned a systemized way to help them build wealth and opportunity through real estate.

They noticed an inconsistency in client care and wanted to help clients learn how to think deeply and strategically about their investment. To accomplish this, they decided to develop a new brokerage where the agents were highly trained, viewed themselves as coaches, and were given the tools and support they needed to help their clients even after closing.

For agents, Heather had first-hand experience with the struggles of being broker/agent with a small team. She saw that agents almost never got a break from the “rat race” and didn’t have a clear career path. To solve this, Heather and Jay sought to help agents rise to a higher level of ability more quickly and are working to develop pathways to leadership roles, while also allowing them much needed work/life balance. Just like they coach their clients, Heather and Jay also want to coach their Coaches to reach their personal and financial goals by joining Mile27.

They believe success of Mile27 depends on the quality of the client experience as well as the individual success and growth of their team.