10 Ways to be Home$mart for Summer


Summer officially begins on June 20th this year, but why wait until then to get into the summer spirit? Get a jump-start by prepping your home for warm weather so you can enjoy your summer to the fullest and hopefully save money and get the most out of your real estate investment!

  1. Keep an eye on irrigation systems. A faulty sprinkler or irrigation hose that goes unnoticed can quickly cause big problems for your lawn and garden as well as run up your water bill very quickly.  Make a habit of checking each component once a week, especially in summer when your sprinklers are running more often.
  1. Keep cooling systems running smoothly. Take the time before hot weather sets in to dust ceiling fans, install new furnace filters, run your air conditioning system to ensure it works properly, and schedule  cleaning maintenance for a whole-house cooling system.  Waiting until the first heat wave of the summer to realize your A/C is not working, will be frustrating and cost you more money as technicians charge a premium during heat waves!
  1. Clean gutters and downspouts. If you did not get your gutters cleaned in spring, be sure to get this essential task checked off your list as soon as possible. Leaf- and debris-clogged gutters can lead to leaks and siding damage with summer storms.
  1. Catch up on projects and maintenance. No one is perfect, and chances are there are a few home-maintenance projects you have been meaning tackle. Why not make June the month to get caught up before the summer heat sets in?
  1. Schedule major outdoor projects. Whether you are dreaming of a new patio or need to replace a deck, don’t delay booking a pro for your projects. Their schedules tend to fill up quickly and costs go up in the summer.
  1. Update first-aid kits and emergency supplies. Be prepared for everything from minor snafus to natural disasters with well-stocked first-aid kits in the house and car, plus emergency supplies for your family and pets. As kids spend more time outdoors and swimming in the pool, bumps and bruises will happen. Not sure what to include? The American Red Cross has a helpful checklist.
  1. Make space for summer crafts. A dedicated space for arts and crafts to escape the outdoor heat can provide screen-free entertainment and a creative outlet — and it’s not just for kids! Even if you must work all summer, having a space to devote to a hobby can re-energize and inspire you and the family.
  1. Organize and put away school papers. If you do have kids, at the end of the school year, it can be tempting to jump right into summer. But taking the time to sort through each child’s school things will help prevent clutter from piling up, and you can start the summer fresh. Sort through the papers, artwork and projects from the year, and choose the best representative pieces (and those that most pull at your heartstrings) to save in a portfolio or document box, then recycle the rest. If you want to preserve more than you can keep, consider scanning the artwork into your computer and creating a photo book with the pictures on Google Photos or Drive.  
  1. Lighten up decor. Roll up heavy rugs, put crisp percale or cooling linen sheets on the beds, and bring in accents in lighter hues for the hotter months ahead. Breezy white curtains look cool in summer, but if the weather gets quite hot where you live, you may want to leave heavy window coverings up to keep the heat out!  Closing the shades during the heat of the day can actually help keep your house cooler and lower your monthly utility bill.
  1. Make your summer must-do list. A trip to the lake, day at the waterslide park, or lemonade on the porch — with so much to look forward to in summer, don’t let it zip by in the blink of an eye! Be sure you are making the most of your season by creating a list of your personal must-dos, and posting it where you can see it. A big chalkboard or family bulletin board would be ideal.

Tell us below what we’re missing on our Summer Home$mart To-Do list or contact one of our real estate coaches.