Think of these 5 things BEFORE you move!


Leaving an old community can be difficult. On top of moving your possessions, selling your home, and saying goodbye to old friends, it can be hard to remember the things you need to do in order to set up the new life waiting for you in a new community.  We have created this handy guide below to make your move smoother–so make a quick checklist before hand of everything that needs to happen!  Don’t forget that with Real Estate Concierges, we also provide a free move-coordination platform to help keep you stay organized and reduce the costs of your move.


1. Banks

Check your new city to see if your bank has a branch nearby. If not, you may need to switch banks; this is especially true if your bank is regional.  Don’t forget to grab anything you have in your safety deposit box as well.


2.  Medical Needs

If you can, have your current doctor call in any ongoing prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new town. This will give you time to pick out the right doctor once you get settled—not just one that is available when you need the meds.

Keep your old doctor’s number so you can contact them when you need paperwork forwarded to your new doctor.  If you’re staying with your current health insurance plan, look for doctors in your new area that will accept it. If you need to switch providers or update your plan, try to do so before you move.  If not, ask your insurance agent for a recommendation.


3. Things to Transfer

Formally resign or transfer memberships from any local organizations, gyms, associations, and clubs.  Be aware that canceling before your membership has completed can result in early termination fees. Factor those fees into your moving costs and move on.  And just for safekeeping, ask the school system to make copies of all your children’s records for you to take with you.


4. Raid the Kitchen

About a month before moving, be sure to start using up any frozen goods so that you avoid waste.  Also use up, give away, or donate any unopened food in your pantry. Local food banks would welcome your generosity for those in greater need.


5. Check the Car

Tune up the car to avoid a breakdown on the way to your new home. If you have a trusted mechanic, ask if they can refer you to another near your new address.  If not, ask the local realtor for a recommendation.  If it’s a long road trip, pack a first-aid kit just to be safe. This should contain bandages, bug spray, sunburn spray, tissues and medications you or your family will need along the way.

Moving can be tough on the whole family. To bring a sense of closure for everyone, try these 5 tips:

  • Visit local spots that hold dear memories. Take snapshots or a short video for keepsake purposes.
  • Host your own going-away party, and encourage your children to invite their friends. This is a good-bye for everyone—including friends, neighbors, former teachers, and colleagues.
  • Take a picture of the family in front of the old house.
  • Take a picture of your family in front of the new house. Display both photos side-by-side somewhere in the new place for everyone to see easily.
  • If you can, make plans to visit your old hometown within the first year after your move. Visit friends and drive past your old home, through neighborhoods, and landmarks. This post-move reconnection with dear friends and fond memories will help your family bring finality to the move—even after you’ve settled into your new digs.


At Mile27, we provide a FREE Move coordination platform to help keep you organized and reduce the costs of your move.  Let us know where we can help because even though these are our top 5 things to remember, we know there is more and we’re here to be your Real Estate Coach for life.