Welcome to 100 Short Stories from 10,000 Long Hours in Real Estate


This is a Blog & Vlog Series dedicated to those who want to learn about the Real Estate World.  The True one.  Not the HGTV one.  These are the tales from the sales from a New Homes Sales Person turned Real Estate Agent turn Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, Property Manager, and all around fail-forwarder.  I have had some hard falls and some amazing victories and want to share the stories, tales and lessons to help you be better, work smarter and do it with more joy.  I have compiled about 10,000 hours of Real Estate-ing to 100 short stories told thru Blogs and Vlogs.  I hope you laugh, learn, and cry with me in some of them.  Feel free to reach out with your questions, stories and connections.  The point of this community is to build a foundation of future friends helping future friends so we can all help others better and with more grace, glory and alot less shame and isolation.

Please come on this journey with me and let’s enjoy the stories we can share together.  We have alot of information to write and record and you have alot of ideals to ponder, relate to or learn from.    We best get on our journey together.  We will try to be as consistent in posting as we can.

Cheers to the best stories yet friends!